More clothes, less cost

Connect to your friends’ wardrobes. Discover styles to borrow and track everything you’ve lent.
Save your money and the planet.

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App Features

Awesome Features

Shared Wardrobe

Search through your own clothes and clothes that are available to borrow from friends all on one page.

Send Reminders

Set return dates and send automatic notifications to your friends to ask for items back.

Keep Track

See who’s currently borrowing any of your clothes and remember who lent you items you’re borrowing.

Number of Wears

Find out what you wear the most or what you haven’t worn in years. See the cost per wear of items.

Styling Suggestions

View photos of how your friends style your items and get new outfit combinations and ideas.

Join Groups

Discover people nearby who share the same clothing size or style as you and make new friends.

How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Connect with Friends

Join the waitlist to be the first to install CloSh. When it launches, sign up and invite your friends.

Upload your Outfits

Post a photo of your daily outfit and tag your clothing items. See your re-wear count and the cost per wear.

Borrow Clothes

Browse friends' wardrobes and request to borrow your favourite styles. Keep track of clothes you lend.